WHY a Vulture Fest?
Beginning in 2005, hundreds of Vultures (Turkey and Black) have made Wenonah, New Jersey their winter home, returning each evening to form a communal roost in town (their previous winter roost was lost to development). The scientific name for Turkey Vultures, Cathartes aura ("golden purifier"), refers to their role of cleansing the environment. Yet the behavior and beneficial contributions of vultures are not well understood by the public. In 2006, the East Coast Vulture Festival was created as an annual event both to educate the public about the gentle giants circling our skies, and to celebrate the impending end of winter. Festival proceeds were and are used to support local environmental education.

The festival organizers have decided not to hold an event in March, 2015. The organizers are considering expanding the festival's theme to create a Mid-Winter Festival in early 2016.

This short video report from 6ABC Action News provides a good overview of how the Festival came into existence:

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